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Populism: The Downfall of Modern Cinema

As Globalism expands, Cinema changes as well. In Today’s World, much more people have to right a speak. That’s a great opportunity for Democracy and inventions. But in the other half of Madallion, it leads to a different problem, Minorities. Every color of beliefs demands specific wishes. That situation reflects the Cinema too. Screenwriters are obliged to include different types of characters and plots that serve to populism. They have to point out specific social problems. That obligation makes Cinema nondescript. So, How can we, the cinema lovers change this?

The Problem is actually us. Because we want to watch our sensitive spots to screen. Hence, cinema ends up with an inevitable circle. Scenarists want to write interesting treatments. But as the concern of rating, they leave their storyline and listen to the people. In the end, The whole cinema industry produces the same thing. That molding process will cause to end of the cinema. Thanks to the Global Pandemic, much more production sell their movie to online platforms. Online Platforms like Netflix, HBO, are a different marketing model. They present a monthly transaction for their whole library. Thus, they offer to viewers nearly similar works. Because they don’t want to lose their customer. So, they make a movie that includes different religions, colors, and gender orientations. But that variety means quality? The answer is: NO. Because directors feel limitations. They can not show what they want. They endlessly add characters irrelevant to the scenario but serve for populism. The cinema lovers do not want to see them. We just want to watch good cinema. Because cinema is where we do not think about our social concerns. Cinema is for pleasure, is for sadness, and happiness, from thriller to fear. But not a place to propagate social matters. “Art can not serve the social problems” “Art is for art”.


Populism develops unqualified producers, they have a lot of funds, They claim to do something great for what they believe. Therefore, they have a capacity for much more viewers to watch. That’s why online services fund them. Online platforms provide comfortable areas. You can watch it everywhere. In your TV, your mobile phone, and your Laptop. It is a great opportunity, right? You can not go to the Cinema for just a movie. The answer is NO. It is not a great and precious as it is seen. Movies should not be seen in the houses. Movies need good acoustics, voices, cinema screens, and atmospheres. In conclusion, The tradition of Cinema is dying rapidly. Movie theaters shutting down one after another. Independent producers couldn’t find funds. Screenwriters are facing off with different impediments. In the end, Populism kills Cinema.

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As a cinephile like us. We have to make devotions. We should go to the Cinemas, support the local ones, take tickets, sit in the old chairs, eat the popcorns and applause in the credits. This is the spirit of cinema. We should criticize the big productions fearlessly. We should support the devoted cinema lovers, Christopher Nolan, David Fincher, Quentin Tarantino, etc, and watch them at the CINEMA. As a citizen, we should separate social problems and art. We should make criticizition for social injustice as a duty of a citizen but not use the cinema as a device. Because Cinema is independent and the last castle of modern art. We should embrace the cinema together.

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